Mohammad Ali Alaghband, being the founder and the forefront of the brand, has throughout this journey continuously pursued the need for perfection, capturing the essence of sophistication and elegance reflected in the brand’s fine jewelry. His passion being the beating heart of the brand, Alaghband’s attention to detail in every aspect of the jewelry brand has become paramount to the flourishing success it has come to achieve throughout the years.

M. A. AlaghbandFounder & CEO

The Brand

Alaghband has become the essence of magnificence and perfection within the region with a grand gallery in Dubai.

Dedicated to luxury, craftsmanship, and customer experience, Alaghband has successfully managed to capture the hearts of an exceptionally dedicated customer base who value precious gems and exquisite fine jewelry.

Creating a close and loyal bond with customers has also enabled Alaghband in communicating the essential belief of how each exclusive piece of jewelry should be worn to embrace internal harmony and uniqueness on the body.

This bond has granted customers the ability to identify personal visions and desires, expressed in fine jewelry. Such ethos and the urge for luxury have won the brand an exclusive circle of customers around the world.

Our Services

Secure Payments

For online purchases, payments are carried out via PayPal.

Complimentary Delivery & Insurance

Our worldwide insured delivery is carried out via FedEx & DHL to your door!

Exchange & Return

Alaghband’s customer-oriented exchange & return policies allow for assured purchases.

Complimentary Personalization Services

It is our pleasure to carry out services such as engraving & sizing on your Alaghband jewelry.

Alaghband Care

The artisans of Alaghband carry out repair & adjustment service on your jewelry.

Expert Consultation

The sales team of Alaghband is at your service for personal consultations.