Alaghband Jewelry, Tehran’s high-end jewelry company, is on a mission to do what no other Iranian jewelry brand has yet accomplished: occupy a spot on the global luxury market. Since its founding in 2009, the brand has become the best-selling jewelry company in Iran. It was also the first luxury Iranian brand to launch international sales a decade ago. Today, the company ships all over the world on a daily basis.

CEO and founder Mohammadali Alaghband’s exquisite custom pieces have garnered a loyal following that includes A-list celebrities, power brokers and social elite, many of whom have worn Alaghband jewelry at their weddings, on special occasions and at major red carpet events including the Cannes Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival. Alaghband counts actors Elnaz Shakerdoost, Rambod Javan, Reza Kianian, Parviz Parastui Leila Hatami, Niki Karimi and Miss Universe Canada finalist Aylar Macky among his most devoted clients.

After years under the tutelage of famous Iranian jeweler Kourosh Goharbin, Alaghband went on to study gemology in Thailand before launching his own company in Tehran. The company now operates two retail spaces in the most upscale area of Northern Tehran: the Alaghband Grand Gallery located on the most prominent street in Fereshteh, and a second branch in the Modern Elahyah Shopping Mall. Alaghband runs a team of 30 expert designers, craftsman and technicians.

During an interview with Forbes Middle East, Alaghband elaborated on his future plans and the company’s strategy for success.

What is your vision for expansion into the global market?

We only ever have one vision: to bring impeccable quality, craftsmanship, and superior service to every single client that walks through our galleries’ doors. No matter the value of the purchase, each client receives an exquisite amount of attention and service in order to make each of their visits as memorable as possible. We don’t only create pieces that last a lifetime, we create memories, and a luxury shopping experience that, much like our diamonds, is one-of-a-kind and rare to find.

What is your approach to the American market?

Considering America is a mosaic of all the nations in the world, we strive to perfect our designs in a way to capture the hearts of people of all nations, races, and cultures. That is who we are and what we are known for: winning hearts through exquisite design.

What is the story behind Alaghband?

In our home country of Iran, a name that is not so well spoken of these days, we have our own little success story that may have a chance at becoming the “American Dream”. It is the story of a young and ambitious man who worked for a jeweler, who became a prominent jeweler to the stars himself and who is now about to take Los Angeles. Alaghband started in a very small showroom and has grown to two luxurious boutiques in the most expensive retail real-estate locations in Tehran. We are about to open two additional galleries in Qatar and Middle East, as well as plan the perfect market entrance strategy into the United States. With international clients awaiting the opening of an American store, currently they are willing to travel to Iran to meet with me personally, have their jewelry custom-designed and made in Tehran and then delivered to their doorsteps in the US via Alaghband’s special VIP customer service team.

What sets Alaghband apart from other luxury brands?

Despite the economic downturn in Iran with the sanctions placed on the country, we experienced enormous business growth in 2018. With much of the jewelry business struggling to stay alive, let alone expand and develop, we have managed to overcome all obstacles and grow. This is a result of our dedication to quality and detail as well as our success in marketing jewelry as not just a fashion statement, but also a safe investment. We are currently a private company that is agile and quick to expand.

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