Alaghband Jewelry, Tehran’s high-end jewelry company, is on a mission to do what no other Iranian jewelry brand has yet accomplished: occupy a spot on the global luxury market. Since its founding in 2009, the brand has become the best-selling jewelry company in Iran. It was also the first luxury Iranian brand to launch international sales a decade ago. Today, the company ships all over the world on a daily basis.

M. A. Alaghband CEO & Founder

Who We Are?

Alaghband, the house of ALAGHBAND is the epitome of the meaning of luxury, a brand dedicated to the highest level of craftsmanship and experience. Although newly established, the brand’s level of determination and attention to details has generated an exceptional clientele base.


MOHAMMAD ALI ALAGHBAND stands at the forefront, his effortless need for perfection has captured the essence of sophistication and elegance reflected onto the collections. His attention to details in all levels of the brand is paramount to its success, his passion is the beating heart of the house. Working directly with his clients has enabled him to communicate the belief that each jewel created should be worn to represent an internal harmony and ‘uniqueness’ with oneself. His gift is the ability to identify a client’s particular style and communicate it into exquisite bespoke designs. This ethos and impeccable level of craftsmanship has lead to a loyal clientele base in Tehran which he wishes to expand internationally while staying true to the values of the house of ALAGHBAND.

At ALAGHBAND our team strive to create much more than just jewelry, each collection has its own impeccable story right from the beginning. The inspiration from the collections is embedded in the Iranian culture surrounding the art of jewelry, the decadence of perfectly cut diamonds intertwined with precious stones. Culturally Iranian’s have long indulged in the finer things of life, the great Persian Empire was only too known for the superfluous need for luxury. There is no surprise that the art of fine jewelry making has an exceptionally long standing history in Iran and each generation jewelers have developed their craftsmanship to become one of the best craftsmen of fine jewelry in the world. The house of ALAGHBAND is this new generation, a house that will only continue to expand and develop the art of jewelry making for years to come. From sourcing the most exquisite stones to perfectly placing them in their unique settings, each stage of the ALAGHBAND journey is carefully constructed. Our chosen gemstones are some of the finest, individually picked for the beautiful energy they release.

Our Services


Secure Payments

For online purchases, payments are carried out via PayPal.

Complimentary Delivery & Insurance

Our worldwide insured delivery is carried out via FedEx & DHL to your door!

Exchange & Return

Alaghband’s customer-oriented exchange & return policies allow for assured purchases.

Complimentary Personalization Services

It is our pleasure to carry out services such as engraving & sizing on your Alaghband jewelry.

Alaghband Care

The artisans of Alaghband carry out repair & adjustment service on your jewelry.

Expert Consultation

The sales team of Alaghband is at your service for personal consultations.
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